Episode 8: A Response to OnScript's "Iain Provan – Discovering Genesis" episode

I respond to OnScript's podcast episode that they did with Iain Provan.  I discuss the importance of knowing the original intentions of each of the sources of Genesis, how the Elohist tried to portray Jacob as a good guy, the curses in Genesis and the reason the Bible talks about annihilating everyone the Israelites conquered.

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Episode 5: Joseph Cycle - Mirror-Reading The Elohist Source

Joseph died and was never sold into Egypt.  Ephraim and Mannaseh were from Egypt and should never have ruled over the rest of the tribes of Israel. Jacob didn't realize he had blessed Ephraim over Mannaseh. Benjamin is wooed to stay in the Kingdom of Israel. Ephraim struggles to forgive the other tribes for plotting the death of their king.  The Elohist responds to this tumultuous situation.

If you'd like to read about my methodology for the Joseph Cycle, check out this post.

Episode 4: Jacob Cycle - Mirror-Reading The Elohist Source

Jacob was Laban's servant that stole his livestock, daughters and gods. Jacob didn't love Rachel and refused to have sex with her.  Jacob and Israel were two different people.  The Elohist responds to those claims.

If you'd like to read about my methodology for the Jacob Cycle, check out this post.

Episode 1: Political Propaganda in the Old Testament

Does the Old Testament contain political propaganda?  Absolutely! Learn more about the political situations the Old Testament authors were responding to.  Reassigning bloodlines, establishing boundaries, reinterpreting sayings, managing reputations and defending kingly as well as priestly lines were all political talking points in the OT.