Yahwist Notes: Gen 12:1-9 Abraham’s Migration to Canaan

The following are rough notes as I read through the Yahwist. I’m using Tzemah Yoreh’s source attribution for the Yahwist. You can view all of my notes of the Yahwist series here. Some ideas presented here may seem ridiculous, but no idea is too stupid during this phase. I’m not that concerned with grammar or spelling either. My thoughts and ideas will likely alter significantly by the time I produce a full mirror-reading of the Yahwist, but this gives you an idea of “how the sausage is made”. Feel free to share comments and/or links you think I might find helpful.

Opposing Narrative: Abraham did not leave his country, kindred or father’s house

Yahweh did not show Abraham the land?

Israel was not a great nation (because northern tribes only, not southern tribes?)

Abraham’s name was not great?

Yahweh did not bless Abraham?

Yahweh did not tell him to go to Canaan?

Lot did not go with Abraham?

Alternative explanation for altar at Oak of Moreh?

Altar’s were alternative explanations for boundary markers?

Yahweh did not appear to Abraham?

Alternative explanation for altar between Bethel and Ai?

Yahwist has to migrate Abraham to the Negev to show that the southern tribes were part of Israel?

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