Yahwist Notes: Gen 5-8 Noah & The Flood

The following are rough notes as I read through the Yahwist. I’m using Tzemah Yoreh’s source attribution for the Yahwist. You can view all of my notes of the Yahwist series here. Some ideas presented here may seem ridiculous, but no idea is too stupid during this phase. I’m not that concerned with grammar or spelling either. My thoughts and ideas will likely alter significantly by the time I produce a full mirror-reading of the Yahwist, but this gives you an idea of “how the sausage is made”. Feel free to share comments and/or links you think I might find helpful.

Lamech one of Sumerian kings?

Lamech father son, mirrored would make Noah a girl

Noah name meaning and name explanation don’t match

Gen 2 alternative explanation for Noah’s name?

Emphasis on Yahweh destroying humankind (and animals) 2x

Emphasis on Yahweh making humankind 2x

Why an ark and not a boat like other Mesopotamian flood accounts?

J seems to be stressing that no other than Noah and family survived the flood - Abel too

Emphasis on soil, ground, earth

Flood under whole heave = no distant survivors

Shift family line before flood, now they are part of another family

Why raven and dove? Raven does not return, has to use dove to confirm?

Emphasis on Noah being the one who made the ark

Emphasis on birds not returning anymore

Why an olive leaf?

Yahweh doesn’t realize that humans are continuously evil, as if they could have paused from being evil?

Yahwist concerned to show that Yahweh was justified in flood

Humankind was alternative reason for ground being cursed?

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