Yahwist Notes: Gen 9 Naked Noah & Canaan's Curse

The following are rough notes as I read through the Yahwist. I’m using Tzemah Yoreh’s source attribution for the Yahwist. You can view all of my notes of the Yahwist series here. Some ideas presented here may seem ridiculous, but no idea is too stupid during this phase. I’m not that concerned with grammar or spelling either. My thoughts and ideas will likely alter significantly by the time I produce a full mirror-reading of the Yahwist, but this gives you an idea of “how the sausage is made”. Feel free to share comments and/or links you think I might find helpful.

Shem, Ham, Japheth and Canaan were not sons of Noah? They did not come out of the ark?

Noah was not a man of the soil, was not the first to plant a vineyard?

“Lay uncovered” in this text stresses it was just nakedness

Only two brothers outside?

Is putting garment on shoulders a euphemism for authority?

“Their father” was not their father?

They did not see their father’s nakedness means they did?

“Youngest son” means not his youngest son did it to him?

“to him” means he did it to someone else?

Lowest of slaves means he was not lowest of slaves (slave of slaves)?

“His brothers” means they were not his brothers?

Yahweh was not the God of Shem?

Canaan was not Shem’s slave?

Lots of ambiguity around seeing nakedness of father

Putting cloak over Noah because he was dead?

Noah was not originally part of the flood story?

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